Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Erotic Stories Guest Writer Series

Written by Valhara

It was Saturday night again, and almost closing time. Viv blew a puff of air upwards, in a vain hope that a fall of blond hair would leave her eyes. She was tired and her feet were killing her, another double shift down in the books. The old black and white clock on the wall seemed to drag out every second and was so loud she could hear it well. The last of "Marty's Meats" customers swaggered up to the counter. Two guys in their early twenties, buying Twinkies and Mountain Dew, no doubt having the munchies from all the dope they had been smoking. They teased her a bit and then left laughing loudly and checking her out all the way through the automatic doors. For the most part her job was low key, Marty's was a family run business that took good care of her.

Finally, the hands of the clock reached eleven, and she all but sprinted to the doors to lock them up. The parking lot was empty, save her old Civic that was parked under the only busted light in the lot. Wouldn't she learn not to do that? What the hell, it was a small town and crime was almost non-existent here. That along with a lack of any kind of entertainment is why she didn't balk about working so late. Viv counted out the drawer with care, she was meticulous about this aspect of the job. Done, she carried the drawer to the back office, stopping to grab a bottle of red wine on the way. Marty Herring was an easy going boss and considered such a pilfer as a bonus for her working on the days no one else would.

The office was old, and must have the same furniture in it that it did the day they opened for business. A huge ornate desk loomed towards the back wall, and was topped with loose papers, food wrappers and an ancient desk lamp that barley lit up enough to see the bulb inside. Viv sighed, one day she would tackle the desk for Marty, it really was a wreck and there was no telling what might be living under some of the stacks. The walls were dark paneling from the seventies, with a wood-like grain pattern throughout. It was horrid and not at all from any decade that she would pick from. The walls held all types of frames, some with pictures, some awards, some newspaper articles. The room might have been a little more cheerful had it at least a small window, but there was nothing of the sort in there.

Viv rounded the desk and plopped down into a well-worn black leather office chair. It squeaked under her slight weight and made her a bit nervous that it might give way any second. She let out a small laugh, and leaned up to the top right drawer where she kept the corkscrew. With precise movements she uncorked the bottle of wine and took a long drink right from the bottle. It was warm and delicious as she felt it move down her throat.

She sat back in the chair and leaned her head against the back. Closing her eyes she sighed. The day was long, but good and she felt she could go to sleep right where she sat. Hell, she could sleep here, there was a couch, she eyed it a little leery, it was leather and in pretty good shape for it's age. It was looking really good right about now. The next drawer down in the desk held her personal wine glass, she filled it almost full and set the bottle on the floor beside her.

She drank it slowly, allowing the bitterness to nip at her tongue, before swallowing. By the time she had finished the ruby liquid she was falling asleep. After three times of nodding off, she gave up and headed to the couch. She took the clip holding her mass of golden hair down, and shook her head out. Running her fingertips through her scalp eased the tightness. There were no pillows on the couch, so she curled up small and laid her hands under the right side of her face.

He found her small form huddled on the cold material of the couch. Her hair fell down around her face, and she looked like an angel. Only he did not want to think of her as angelic, his only thoughts were pure carnal. The jeans she wore were faded blue and hugged her legs all the way up to the swell of her ass. Her t-shirt was raised just slightly in the back and he could just see the smooth brown skin of her lower back.

His fingers itched to touch that skin, he knew it would be like smooth satin. Her lips were parted, in an inviting manner, beckoning him to take them in his mouth. Christ, he was going to explode with the need inside him. He left the office quietly and roamed the aisles to find what he needed.

First he stopped by the liquors and picked up a bottle of Amaretto, and a bottle of sweetened cherries from the mixers aisle. Next was over to the fruits, and there were so many that he wanted to use on her it was maddening. He picked a nice assortment and moved on, thinking how strangely quiet it was in the darkened store. Passing the baking aisle, he backed up after noticing the chocolate syrup. It was cliche, but what the hell, it was good.

He moved on his quest more quickly as his pulse picked up thinking about the sleeping girl. He had known her for almost six years now and had always wanted her, from the very moment she stepped into his office for a job. She had been twenty-two at the time and newly divorced, but no kids to take care of. She was proud and scared all at the same time, and truth be told, he couldn't have turned her away if she had never worked a day in her life. Her hair had been shorter then, cut short in back and tapering into longer points to her chin in the front. She wore little make up and did not need to, her skin was tan and her dark lashes made it look as though she poured on mascara. Her eyes were large and blue, and open to her soul.

Small bruises were still evident on her arms where her husband had last accosted her after the divorce hearing. He remembered being so damned angry but not showing it. Her breasts were large and seemed to always be straining against the fabric of her shirts. Her legs were so long and magnificent and his very first erotic thought of her had been those legs, bare and wrapped around him as he was pushing inside her. It made him sweat to think about it even now. She had come in to interview in a pale blue cotton skirt that ended just above her knees. She had been the essence of sweetness and purity and he wanted desperately to protect her.

Viv never dated, he never once saw her flaunt herself to any man that came into the store. Hell, she could have been the Virgin Mary herself for all he knew. But she wasn't the virgin, she was a woman and she had needs and he wanted to be the one to fill them. He headed back to the office with his basket of goods and noticed she was stirring a little. His breath caught as he tried to set the basket down gently, but the bottles inside were not so cooperative.

Viv opened her eyes quickly to an unfamiliar sound. At the end of the couch stood Marty, all six foot of him. His light brown hair was tussled as usual, she didn't think he ever brushed it. His brown eyes met hers and she first thought he was upset with her. Fuck, what time was it anyway? "Hey." She offered, in a cautious tone.

"Hey, yourself." "What time is it?

"About two in the morning."

Hell, she had really slept hard, but what the hell was he doing out so late?

"What's wrong? I'm sorry about this, I was just so tired, and I was going to rest just a few minutes. Did I not lock up? Are the police here or something." He was just looking at her and it was making her nervous and babble.

"Nothing is wrong, I just came down to grab some Tums and saw your car here. I thought maybe you went out with someone tonight after work, I didn't expect to see you here." But he was relieved when she was here instead of off somewhere.

"No, not out, just tired. The till is ready if you need to check it."

"After six years of you taking care of it, no, I don't think that is necessary."

"Well, okay then." Viv sat up slowly and stretched her arms up over her head having no idea the effect it was having on her boss. She stood up and tried to smooth down her shirt. She needed to go to the bathroom after all the wine running through her system. She started to the door, but Marty was blocking it. His arms were crossed over his chest and she was noticing him in a different way tonight. He was well built, the shirt hugging his muscular arms. She had to look away, or he would see the pure lust in her eyes.

"Excuse me a minute." She said, brushing by him through the door.

He moved only enough for her to squeeze through, forcing them to touch in passing. Her skin burned in the spots where it met his own. She could not get to the bathroom fast enough. She met her needs and then washed her hands and turned to water over to cold. Holding her face over the sink she splashed the soothing wetness over her. Hell, her hands were shaking, what was wrong with her? That damned wine was what, she was still warm inside. Agitated she shut the water off and jerked some paper towels from the holder next to the sink.

At one end of the bathroom was a full length mirror and she tried to tidy her appearance before it. Her hair was a little wild from sleeping, so she smoothed her long fingers through it best she could. About that time the door opened and she could see in the reflection it was Marty. He looked at her image and instantly hardened. There was nothing particularly provocative about what he saw, but it was the intimacy of her grooming that struck him.

She did not turn around as he approached, but kept eye contact through the glass. He came to stand behind her, able to look over her head due to their height difference. He brought his head down to her hair and smelled. The softness tickled his nose and the scent was fresh and not over perfumed. His hand came up to twist a small tendril around his forefinger. It was silk, pure unscathed silk and he could not help putting a whole hand into the cascade. He brought the bounty up to his cheek and rubbed it against the smoothness of his own skin. It was pure bliss to him.

Viv could hardly breathe now, he was so close and being so intimate. She did not want to stop him, did not want him to leave her now. He let her hair fall away from him and looked back at her eyes in the mirror. She gave an almost imperceptible nod and it was all he needed. She watched as his hands came to her sides and lifted the tee up and lifted her arms so that he could remove it. He tossed it onto the counter and came back to stand behind her once more. She felt suddenly shy and girlish, standing there in a Hello Kitty bra. She almost giggled at what he would think when he saw her matching underwear.

Marty smiled at the bra, covered with small kittens, it was hot pink and the white symbols stood out all over. It was also a demi bra and the swell of her breasts was visible above the top. He had seen many a porn video, but damn, this must have been the most erotic sight he had ever feasted on. He moved to her jeans, they were the old button fly type boy jeans, with a low waist. He took great pleasure in unfastening each one slowly, feeling the pulse in her lower stomach on the inside of his forearms. She shook slightly as he pulled the jeans down her thighs and to the floor, where she stepped out of them.

He did laugh when he saw the bikini's she wore. They matched the demi bra, and even had a hot pink bow in the back. He gave her ass a slap and she jumped and squealed at once.

Viv was very self-conscious now, not sure what to do next. She did not have to wait long to find out. Marty moved his right hand down to dip into the front of her panties. His long finger entered her swiftly making her buck instinctively.

A man in had not touched her so long; she had forgotten how badly she needed it. He moved the digit slowly at first, then became more rapid as she moved to meet him. The couple both watched in the mirror, eyes meeting and locking in the intimacy. His left hand reached behind her to unhook the bra, which fell away with ease. She heard him mumble something under his breath as he took in the vision of her breasts. They were full and tanned as the rest of her body. The nipples hard and red, puckered in anticipation. He left her private place and brought both hands up to hold the generous orbs.

His fingers roughly squeezed the sensitive nipples, soliciting a moan from her. Marty could not believe the perfection she had been hiding all this time. She could have been in any magazine, without needing any airbrushing to enhance her. His hands could not touch enough of her at once moving from her bare top to the flat smoothness of her middle. The bikini had to go, he was none to gentle in pulling them down and away from her. She was totally exposed to him now and he was getting drunk off of the sight. Her mound was clear of any hair and he could just see the entrance to her. He was beyond need, he was hot and could not get his own clothes off fast enough.

Viv turned around to face him and help him rid the articles of clothing. He was not tanned like her, but he was beautiful non the less. His chest tapered to a trim waist and a dark path of hair led to his manhood. He was big all over, and damned if the thought of taking him made her mouth water. She did something next that she did not want to think about too long. She dropped to her knees, ignoring the hard tile floor, and licked at the erect member. His cock jumped when she touched it and he grabbed her shoulders to keep from swaying. More boldly she took him in hand and stroked up and down his shaft while working her lips around the very tip of him. He watched her in the mirror working him, it was hypnotic and Christ, but she was good. She moved her moist tongue on him while tightening her whole mouth to hold him in. He let her do this for a few minutes until he felt he would explode in her mouth.

He pulled her roughly up his length and picked her up, sitting her on the long granite counter. He took her lips with his and grunted when she nipped his lower skin. He could taste the metallic blood as is eased from the wound. He was between her legs and pulled her wetness up to meet him. He impaled her with one thrust and she was so tight it made her scream. He wanted to hold back, but could not, he held her ass just off the counter while she held him around the waist with her legs. She used her arms to hold herself up the rest of the way, meeting each of his thrusts with fervor.

He looked to the mirror above the counter and saw the line of her back dip to two perfect dimples before reaching the swell of her ass. She was hot and ready for anything he could give her. He wanted more, he wanted to taste her and touch her and let the moment go on forever. Picking up her whole weight he urged her to put her arms around his neck and they left the bathroom. He took her to the office and untangled her body from his, laying her upon the couch. He went to the basket and retrieved the Amaretto and cherries.

Viv lifted one brow in question, but he just shrugged looking innocent. He opened the bottle and offered her a drink, knowing it was strong and sweet without a mixer. She took it willingly and drank long and hard. He popped the top off the cherries and fed one to her, swiftly leaning in to lick a stray drop from running down her chin. He kissed her then, tongue darting in her mouth to capture the taste.

It was perfect, intoxicating. He brought the bottle up for another drink and let a good amount of the liquid fall between her breasts. She sucked in a breath and laughed as he fell to his knees to lap it off her skin. He spread a small spot to her nipple with his thumb, the liquid was already getting sticky on her warm flesh. She made small moaning sounds as he suckled her. Her hands were all over him, his chest, scratching long nails down his back. She pushed him away and grabbed the jar of cherries, pulling out a very plump one.

Teasing, she held out her little pink tongue and flicked at the red orb. She let the juice of it fall where it would. She made an O with her lips and dangled the cherry above her mouth, before taking it in. She sucked at it slowly, holding the stem and watching him all the while. His cock was rock hard and almost hurt with envy.

She was relentless with the show, removing the fruit and licking her lips slowly. Finally she plucked the meat from the stem and fed it to him, easing her fingers into his mouth so that he could clean them. She left him then to inspect the basket on the floor, coming back with the bottle of chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

She pushed him to a laying position on the sofa and opened both bottles. First she laced his cock with the chocolate and topped it with the whipped cream, and as a last thought, a cherry. He was sick with delight, and she new it. She began by eating the cherry, then put her lips around the center of his erection, just sucking from the top.

His balls tightened and he wanted to give her his own cream to eat. His fingers dug into the leather couch and he felt it give way in a spot. She continued up and down him, not yet taking him into her mouth. Viv was totally enraptured by the act, she loved the taste of him and pure maleness that he emitted. When she finally took him fully into her mouth he came up to sitting on the couch. He urged her up, to sit on his erection, spreading her ass to go down further. She was so wet she slid easily upon him. He filled her and the pain from it just made her want more.

She was begging him to just fuck her, so he did. In one move he lifted her off of him and then moved to his desk, running one hand across scattering papers everywhere and he could give a shit less. He bent her over the desk and made her hold the opposite edge, her stomach flat against the cold wood. He stroked her from behind, dipping two fingers in and out of her, stopping just to rub her most sensitive spot. Just as he brought her to release, he entered and she hit another wave, tightening around him.

He stood still allowing the full feeling of her climax to wrap around him. She was panting and pushing back to meet him, wanting more. He moved then, just at the surface of her, then deeply, pushing her into the desk violently. He leaned over her pinning her wrists to the desk and nipping at her neck. They were both sticky from the love play and he could taste the slight saltiness of her sweat.

The scent of the scene made him heady, and if possible he got harder within her. He brought her up from the desk and pulled out, turning her onto her back. He lifted her legs up to his shoulders and gently bit her bud. She bucked against his mouth and tried to pull away, but he held her tight. His tongue stroked her, moving in and out as his cock would. Finally he eased her down some, only to enter her with force, leaving her legs up.

He bent her almost all the way back and drove his erection into her deeply, hitting her womb. She was trying to hold on to the desk, knocking more papers away in the process. She pushed him away with her legs and moved off the hard surface, then making him to sit instead. She leaned over him and her hair fell like a veil around him.

She wet her lips and once again took him in her mouth. He wanted to see, so he moved one hand to hold her hair away from her face. He could see her tongue dart around him and feel it as she worked his shaft. She brought one hand up to stroke his balls, while using the other to stroke his cock. She went down the length of him, almost choking on his size. He could feel the pressure building inside, and made to move out of her mouth, but she would not let him.

His release poured forth into her and she drank it down. She continued to suck him after and he thought he really would pass out from the waves of pleasure. After, they teased about the toy handcuffs in the basket and what he really had in mind for the cucumber. It would be another night, one of many to come.

Monday, April 6, 2009



I woke up in a cold sweat, every inch of my body drenched. Turning to my right, I looked at Kayla sleeping so peacefully. I got up and went downstairs sat on the couch to collect my thoughts.

In my mind it was over between Kayla and I but just couldn't bring myself to let her go. We were together for four years, the first two years were amazing, followed by two detached years. We started drifting away from each other and every other day was an argument. Even though we lived together for 3 years in our minds and our actions we might as well be living apart. She was very good to me at times, everyday when I came home my dinner would be cooked just the way I liked it. My clothes would be ironed in the morning and laid out for me to wear, she was good that way, but she always seemed detached, I knew in my mind something was wrong but couldn't bring myself to face the truth: Kayla was cheating I don't know how or why, but I could sense it or so I thought.

Every night for the past week I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking about her. She was beyond gorgeous, beautiful eyes, nice full lips, and a cute little dimple on her right cheek. Tara was her name, she had just started working in my building on the 18th floor, I would see her every other day at the cafe downstairs sipping on her Orange Juice and reading her notes. Whenever I passed the cafe to go outside for my lunch, I would always pause and look intentionally in her direction, but she would never look up, even though I knew she could sense me starring at her. Then one day I decided to go in the cafe to purchase a bottle of water, I walked over to the table were she sat, "Excuse me I couldn't help but notice your new to this building." She looked up at me as if I had just interrupted her from something very important "I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb you I'll go." I turned to leave then heard her voice, "No that's okay, please have a seat." I couldn't help but stare at her, she was wearing a dark suit and looked absolutely gorgeous, her hair up revealing the softness of her neck. Although I've never touched her I could tell her body was soft, she had an amazing figure and just looking at her made my manhood swell, I sat down reveling in this moment, not wanting it to end. "And yes I am new to this building, I haven't seen you around". Wow she must really be into her work not to notice me, everyone in the building knew who I was or so I thought. "Well I see you mostly in the elevator your usually on the phone or reading the paper". She laughed revealing that cute dimple "well your right about that, I guess I've been very busy lately, too busy to notice my surroundings". I stared at her beautiful lips as she talked on about her new job and how happy she was to finally get a job, all I could think about is how badly I wanted her right here right now. "So Tara, it is Tara right?" I looked down at her badge, she looked up at me then down to where my eyes were, touching her badge "Oh right, yup that's my name" she smiled up at me, "can I ask you a question?" I looked into her eyes "Do you have a boyfriend?" She blushed and I could tell I caught her off guard "well no, not at the moment I'm definitely on the market".

The next few weeks Tara and I would have conversations on our lunch hour about work, family and friends. My attraction to her grew so much I had to fight every urge in my body not to kiss her.

One night I was working late on a project, I went downstairs to my car for a folder I had forgotten, as the elevator doors opened there Tara stood, our eyes met, I got in the elevator Tara never got out she just stared at me, I stood in front of her. It was on. We said nothing and I leaned forward and kissed her lips hungrily, she did not protest one bit as I started to unbutton her blouse, I fantasized about this moment for far too long. I felt her soft skin and perky breasts, she unbuckled my belt and zipped down my pants took my hardness in her hand and slowly stroked it as she kissed me long and hard. I turned her around and lifted up her skirt, I quickly rolled on a condom and allowed myself to penetrate her tightness she was nice and wet and I felt myself just wanting more and more of her, she moaned and I could tell she was loving ever moment of this.

The next day I came to work smiling from ear to ear all I could think about was Tara and our little elevator tryst. I waited for her in the cafeteria at lunch time like we agreed, I waited for half an hour, no Tara, I called the number she had given me, the number was not in service, I went upstairs to the floor she said she worked on and asked the receptionist if Tara was at work today, she looked at me as if I'd lost my mind, Sorry there is no one here by that name. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The girl that I fantasized about for weeks the girl who I had just had sex with in this very building the girl who I had fallen for, had just fooled me.

I went home feeling as if the world was on my shoulders "This day couldn't get any worse" I thought to myself. I opened the door to my house only to find there was nothing in the house, the furniture, television everything gone! My heart skipped a beat as I reached for my cell phone to call the police. I looked over at the kitchen to find a note lying on the counter. As I picked up the note a picture dropped from it, there in the picture was Kayla kissing another female I looked closely at the other female "Tara!" I exclaimed, "this can't be happening!" I sat down on the floor with my head in my hands I mustered up enough courage and read the note:

“Sorry I can't do this anymore, I can no longer live a lie, I've decided to move out and be with Sherine, she's my true love and She is who I want to be with. I'm sorry you fell for our plan, I needed to be even with you so I set this up knowing you were weak you are always weak..That’s why I knew we were never meant to be”